Anna's Amethyst Ring - 2021

$125.00 Double Fan

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Anna's Amethyst Ring - 2021

Anna’s Amethyst Ring is not an official color changer, per the AHS standard. However, this flower does morph thru the day, starting as a rose pink, with a lavender band and edge, over a bright green throat. By evening it lightens to a dusty lilac / mauve, with an amethyst band and edge. It is rain fast, holding form very well in various rain situations. Foliage is medium green & spikey. Pod & pollen fertile.

Sdlg X Lavender Blue Baby

H: 35”
Bloom: 4"
BR: 4-5 way (registered as 4 way)
BC: 21
Mid / Late season


Contact Info

RavenCroft Cottage
110 Clinton Rd.
Jordan, NY, 13080
P:315 689-7841
Lily Auction Username:Ravencroft

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