Sarah Murphy Curtin Krause - 2021

$125.00 Double Fan

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Sarah Murphy Curtin Krause - 2021

Named fro my Great Grandmother, Sarah Murphy Curtin Krause, is a deep pink, with a dark purple band & double edge, over a bright green throat. The colorway speaks to me of the Victorian era. Patterning on the sepals is not unusual, & gets intense on cool mornings. The edge sports lighter teeth, hooks, and knobs. CMO (cold morning opener), it is pod & pollen fertile.

Sdlg X Flight Pattern

Hgt - 30”
Bloom - 5"
BR - 3 way
BC - 15
Mid season

SMCK 7:31:21

Cold morning. The boating petals reveal more pattern.

SMCK 8:16:21B

Another cool morning.

Sarah Murphy Curtin Krause

Sarah Murphy Curtin Krause namesake.


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