Ira Penn - 2013

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Ira Penn - 2013

Ira Penn is named to honor my online mentor, Ira Penn!  Ira & I have never met in person. We met thru the Lily Auction site, when I purchased a few daylilies from him about 7 years ago. We just hit it off & kept in touch. At the time he had moved, with his wife, Dee-Dee, to the state of Washington, after having lived in TN, & the DC area. Although he was no longer hybridizing, he encouraged me to get out there & give it a try. He had kept a few of his select seedlings, & showed me a few photos of them in one of his emails.  One of them just jumped off the page, it had such a glow & countenance about it, & to my surprise, it showed up on my doorstep not long after! I garden named it PENNelope, & I used it in my 1st fledgling programs. When I showed Ira the results, he admired this one (sdlg RAV 11-006) greatly, especially that bit of a darker picotee on the melon color self. When the stats were recorded & RAV 11-006 proved worthy of registration, I asked Ira if he would allow me to name it for him. The rest is history. 

Ira Penn is a girly girl, round, ruffled bloom, in a gorgeous cantaloupe melon colored self, over a tinge of green deep in the throat. It is out of Sherry Lane Carr X Sdlg (PENNelope). It holds well in the heat, tho the cantaloupe coloring will lighten a little throughout the day, emphasizing even more, the darker picotee edge.  One of my shorter introductions, Ira Penn is a perfect in the front of the border, or along a pathway choice. Supply is very limited on this one. It is a moderate increaser, making it perfect for the smaller, limited garden space.

Sherry Lane Carr X Sdlg (PENNelope)

Hgt:  23"
Bloom:  6"
BR:  4 way (2 lats under a terminal Y)
BC:  28
Mid / Late season

Ira Penn 7:6:11 pm 1

End of day shot.


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