RavenCroft Blazing Heart - 2013

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RavenCroft Blazing Heart - 2013

RavenCroft Blazing Heart was one of the very 1st crosses I ever made. It is a very hot, molten orange self, with darker red-orange eye, over a deep yellow throat. It took the eye from MM, & the form of P&S, but where the orange came from?????? It was the only orange of about 20 from this cross that were peach, pink, or mauve. The vigor is astounding on this beauty. It is an incredible pod setter, with excellent pollen as well.

Pure & Simple X Moonlit Masquerade

Hgt: 36"
Bloom: 5"
BR: 6 way (3 lats under a terminal W)
BC: 30
Mid Season


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RavenCroft Cottage
110 Clinton Rd.
Jordan, NY, 13080
P:315 689-7841
Lily Auction Username:Ravencroft

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