RavenCroft Fool on the Hill - 2016

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RavenCroft Fool on the Hill - 2016

RavenCroft Fool on the Hill is a hot, vibrant bicolor, starting with a yellow/orange throat, expanding to a blood red petal that darkens at the very end to a deeper blood red, on a pinched crispate form, sporting a bright mid rib. Petals are tightly pinched & have a soft ruffle at the edge, while the sepals are recurved. The presence of the flower in the garden is commanding. This is a bud builder & is capable of blooming right up to the 1st heavy frost. It is pod & pollen fertile, with a light to medium green foliage that is slender & arching.

{(Brave World x Unknown species) X Let It Rip}.

Height: 35” average
Bloom: 7.5”
Form: UF pinched crispate
BR: 5 - 6 way (3 laterals under a terminal Y or W)
BC: 35 average
Late -/ Very Late season


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P:315 689-7841
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