RavenCroft Happy Go Lucky - 2013

$25.00 Double Fan


RavenCroft Happy Go Lucky - 2013

RavenCroft Happy Go Lucky is a rich fuchsia pink self over a bright yellow throat that extends that yellow color to the mid ribs. The form is a pinched crispate, with a lovely recurve about it, & is accented with gentle ruffles at the edge of both sepal & petals. Each bloom is a little different, with each day. This one radiates happiness across the garden, hence the name, with a strong garden presence, & is a good increaser. In colorfastness, it holds up very well to extreme heat & heavy rains. It is a grandchild (F2) out of Pink Stripes. Major pigment breaks are not present, tho you will see some slight breaks from time to time, indicating that the pigment break gene is present, but recessive. RavenCroft Happy Go Lucky possesses a superior plant habit, having laterals well spaced on the scape. It is currently being used to further that plant habit, & bring out the recessive pigment break gene into a more exotic form.

{(Mahieu Sdlg #99-114 x Augusto Bianco) X (Open Hearth x Pink Stripes)}

Hgt: 39"
Bloom: 6"
Form: UF Crispate
BR: 3 way with a terminal Y
BC: 40
Mid / Late season


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