RavenCroft Lavender Swallowtail - 2013

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RavenCroft Lavender Swallowtail - 2013

RavenCroft Lavender Swallowtail almost wants to free itself from the scape & take flight. It is a beautiful deep lilac lavender self, with a lighter mid-rib, over a wide yellow-green throat, on a heavily cascading/curling form. Scapes are quite sturdy, & branches are well spaced to accommodate the unique form. RavenCroft Lavender Swallowtail is a full sib to RavenCroft Girly Curls. It does not poly often, but when it does.... WOW!

Mahieu Sdlg #99-114 (Garden named Max Mahieu) X Skinwalker

Hgt: 45"
Bloom: 7"
Form: UF Cascade
BR: 4 way - 2 lats with terminal Y
BC: 22
Mid / Late season

** Notes from Brian Mahieu to me on the parentage of #99-114, the pod parent:

 This seedling is out of (TRAHLYTA x JOHN'S HERITAGE) X TRIUNE BEING (lost to cultivation) with siblings, including BELLADONNA STARFISH. In this way I know the parentage of the pollen parent, just not the specific sibling involved. #99-114 shows the ruffling of BELLADONNA STARFISH, & I'd guess that is the pollen that made it to the ovary on that seed.


I put 5000 seeds thru the embryo conversion protocols developed by Oscie Whatley. I did not have time to check the ploidy on them, & the ones I sent Rich Howard (CT Daylily) were the ones I thought were converted, but not certain. Many of the embryo conversion seedlings are not pod fertile with tets, but will set pods on tets, IE: the pollen is fertile. Oscie told me that if they are converted, with this method, they are usually 100% tet. not chimeral. This has to do with the mechanics of the type of conversion (crown) that most people practice. These conversions are often transitory & on only one layer of the plants. It sounds like your seedling (#99-114) is a dip.


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