Up With the Sun - 2017

$40.00 Double Fan


Up With the Sun - 2017

I walked out to the beds, on a cool, dewy morning, & was greeted with the maiden bloom of Up With the Sun. I was speechless. It was open..... completely open .....at 6am, with a countenance as if is was wondering what took me so long to come out of the house & find it. A deep butter-cream yellow, sometimes with apricot tones, over a brilliant green throat, the bloom is seersucker textured, & is always a bagel form. Pod & pollen fertile, Up With the Sun is a cool morning opener (CMO) & an early morning opener (EMO).

{Sherry Lane Carr X (Scale Model x Carved Initials)}

Hgt: 34”
Bloom: 5”
Form: Bagel
BR: 5 way
BC: 25 average
Early - Mid season


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P:315 689-7841
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