Woodlands Baltimore Oriole - 2015

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Woodlands Baltimore Oriole - 2015

The Woodlands series, of spider & unique form daylilies, presents the gardener & landscaper with graceful blooms. Suitable for any garden, urban or cottage, the Woodlands series is perfect for naturalizing any setting. The line is out of Arlow Stouts 1953 introduction, Poinsettia. Those who are familiar with Poinsettia know of it’s fabulous candelabra branching, which it readily passes on to it’s offspring. 

Woodlands Baltimore Oriole captures the beauty of it’s namesake in spatulate form, with it’s vivid yellow self. The color holds very well in extreme heat & rain. Spider ratio is 4:1. The bright yellow self has a light, white mid rib, & is accented with a fulvous, or russet, obverse, making it a elegant specimen in any setting. Like it’s other Woodland’s sibs & cousins, this cultivar is clearly a standout with a strong garden presence. Scapes average 45”, strong & well branched. It has a BC average of 24.

Poinsettia X Maximum Warp

Hgt:  45”
Bloom size:  8”
Form: Spatulate
BR: 5 way - 3 lateral branches below a terminal Y.
BC:  24 average
Spider Ratio 4:1
Mid / Late season


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