Sky Violet - 2017

$40.00 Double Fan

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Sky Violet - 2017

Sky Violet has white mid ribs accenting a veined, red-violet self that features a lilac watermark, blending into a wide lemon-lime throat. The form is unique, crispate, open, & diamond dusted, with fabulous branching. Named for the many violet hues that erupt across the skies just as the sun sets in the Finger Lakes Region of central NY, the coloring is also reminiscent of the magenta fascia worn by those bestowed with the title of Monsignor in the hierarchy of the Roman Catholic Church. Could it be a play on words with the Eric Burdon & the Animals 1960’s release Sky Pilot? You decide. Easily pod & pollen fertile.

Fluid Dynamics X Blue Blast

Hgt: 48 - 52"
Bloom size: 6-7"
BR: 6 way (2-3 lats under a terminal Y or W)
BC: 24 -28
Mid / Late season


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