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Hello & welcome to the daylilies of RavenCroft Cottage. Please browse to your hearts content & see what's new, with my hybridizing programs. Questions? Drop me a line.

I do both diploid & tetraploid, with emphasis on northern performance, plant habit, & colorfastness, in the various elements we endure in Zone 5. Tho my intros are mostly SEV & DOR, I'm hearing that they do well in warmer climates as well. But up here, in Central NY, there can be issues with flowers hanging up, or not opening at all, on the many cooler mornings we experience. And I keep that in the forefront when making my crosses. My intros open well here. I evaluate my seedlings for the CMO trait & cull those that don't make the grade.

Besides a beautiful bloom, I scrutinize for well placed branching, & bud count. I also look for scape density, meaning how many scapes will a clump produce in relation to the number of fans it's composed of. You'd be surprised at the difference this can make in producing a showy clump, or one that just takes up a lot of space, with little to show for it. So you see, there is always a lot whirling around, in my head, as I walk the beds daily.


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